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Stainless steel tubes, fittings, valves and many other from the limited-line retailer of your choice

You're looking for a trusty supplier that delivers stainless steel tubes, fittings or valves? From stainless steel tube to ball valve and fitting to screws made of stainless steel. We offer a large range of goods of stainless steel products for a fair price.

In our range of goods are various products all about stainless steel tubes, fittings, stainless flanges and much more. Threaded fittings are also a part of our comprehensive range of goods as well as stainless steel cutting ring screw connections or stainless valves and fittings. If there is any product that you miss in our range of goods, don't be reluctant to contacting us. We are pleased to help you.

Screwed fittings, stainless flanges and pipe clamps for stainless steel tubes

We make all possibilities for installation of inox pipe, ball valve, bushing and so on available.

Build for the future by the use of first class products, as e.g. premium high-grade stainless steel pipe, inox fitting, fittings made of Niro, nirosta flanges and valves from our range of goods.

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